Friday, 20 April 2012

we could just be we. forever you and me.

"One thing you should know no matter where I go, 
we'll always be together, forever and ever."

My children going back to school this week, reminded me of the feelings and this little project I have been working on.

With my daughter starting school this year - I was immersed in a whirlwind of the feelings.
These being the strong emotions and the ambience among children and their parents during the days of starting school for the first time.

One of my favourite children's stories is Winnie the Pooh's Most Grand Adventure. The story inspires these feelings with such beautiful sentiment. Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear wistfully daydream about times never changing and wish things could stay the same forever and ever.

Christopher reminds Pooh that ~
 "you are braver than you believe
stronger than you seem
 smarter than you think"

I dreamt up this collection of images that portray the freedom, creativity and friendship of days spent doing as Pooh would say "nothing". These are contrasted with the feelings of formality, excitement and separation that are present when starting school.

A rite of passage worthy of celebration and reflection.



Thursday, 12 April 2012

happy Easter

It has been a fantastic, sunny break for us featuring surfing and chocolate! I hope your Easter was wonderful and you are feeling renewed too.


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