Saturday, 5 May 2012

a deep love

Looking into these beautiful brown eyes, I feel the heart of this wonderful boy and the deep love he shares with his Dad.

Their relationship has a foundation of mutual respect and sees them tinker with many entrepreneurial escapades.  It is embellished with a compatible sense of humour and they share the same infectious giggle.

Their bond is too special for words really.




Sally said...

Love, Love, Love - these are very special Suse! Thank you - we'll treasure them.

Caroljean said...

Oh my...those eyes and freckles are amazing! Love!

Kate said...

Wow, fantastic Suzie! I see his mother in those eyes. Soulful.x

girlythirties said...

I love these, the light is superb and the freckles swoon.. they are divine and your words are perfection xox

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