Thursday, 24 May 2012

sydney-day gorgeous

Our time together in Sydney - 
your new home. 

A highlight was the stroll to a local beauty parlour for some girl-time pedi love. 
I just loved the colour that you chose! 

Then to the park for some dress ups and sibling fun.

A lovely girl has waited patiently for these images. Thank you!




kathryn said...

Oh Susanna these are amazing! I can't pick a favourite, I love them all. Awesome job!

Sally said...

I'm laughing and crying and sighing - so fantastic!

Sarah Crank said...

So cute! I am in love with the shot of the scooter and the green toes!

girlythirties said...

Oh these are beautiful and I want her skirt !!!!

Susanna said...

Thanks so much for these lovely comments. It really is so wonderful to have this feedback. :)

Donna Carroll said...

Just stunning! x

Jen said...

Oh Susie these are such beautiful photos. I love the variety of colour, angles, composition, and depth of field. "Gorgeous" indeed!!

Sandy Addison said...

Well done lovely they will be a treasure

Mac Campbell ( said...


Nicole said...

Love the vibe coming from this post! (the lime green toes too! such style!)

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